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Humanising the Workplace is part of the Leadership Lab event series co-hosted by the Australia & New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network at the University of Adelaide.

In February Mark LeBusque, will lead us in an interactive conversation on Humanising the Workplace.  Mark will talk about understanding the impacts of human instincts on change management, order leadership, engagement, communication and team effectiveness, with a focus on the question - what is it to be human?

You can find further information in the Invitation attached below.

Download this file (February-2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf)February-2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf[ ]216 kB
Download this file (Feb_Linked-In summary  2015.pdf)Feb_Linked-In summary 2015.pdf[Summary of the February 2015 Workshop]302 kB
Introduction to Humanistic Management




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