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The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network invites you to our April 2015 workshop co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

The topic on April 1st 2015 is: "Community at Work: Come into my Life"

What does it mean to live fully?  Instead of have different parts of our lives quarantined as discreet domains, could we view our lives as a complex extended community?  Is it possible to achieve a level of social cohesion in organisations where organisational members are seen as full and legitimate participants in a social community growing from the business? 
In April we suggest you don’t have to leave your community at the door when you come to the office.  A community spirit built on equity and respect can transform interpersonal relationships and workplace experiences to be a source of strength and resilience for a fuller life journey.

You can find a summary of the event as well as the invitation to the event attached below.

Download this file (April_2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf)April_2015_Workshop_Adelaide[Summary of the April 2015 Workshop titled: Community at Work]304 kB
Download this file (HMN SA April 2015 Event.pdf)HMN SA April 2015 Event[Invitation: Community at Work: Come into my Life]300 kB
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