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The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network and the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia invite you to the next Workshop in this event series on September 10th 2015.

Managing a business or workplace is challenging enough in the normal course of events but when things go badly how can we manage shared grief in the workplace.  Some professionals have to deal with trauma and confronting issues on a daily basis (e.g. social services) while others are suddenly faced with challenges to work and worker well-being which shatters their world (e.g. mass layoffs, company failure). 

In all cases these types of scenarios create situations where grief comes into the workplace and is consequently shared, shouldered and felt vicariously by those and others close to those struggling to manage.  How can we, as leaders, managers and co-workers, support our peers and people through these situations but manage to avoid being drawn into the grief cycle without forsaking our empathy? 

In September our resident management psychologist, Dr Chris Smith will help us understand the challenges in these events for those and others in the workplace and give us ideas for mitigating and managing vicarious grief in the workplace.  

You can find the full invitation here.

Download this file (September_2015_Workshop_Adelaide_Grief_Summary.pdf)September_2015_Workshop_Adelaide_Grief_Summary.pdf[Summary of the September 2015 Workshop titled: Vicarious Grief in the Workplace]376 kB
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