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This month the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network together with the Leadership Lab of the University of Adelaide invite you to discuss the idea of heedfulness, in juxtaposition to last months conversation about mindfulness.  This workshop will take place on the 12th of November 2015.

There is currently a strong ground-swell of interest in and research about mindfulness – so what, order then, is the value of looking at the synonymous ‘heedful’ and ‘heedfulness’? The principal driver behind the adoption of the word and concept of heedfulness is a shift from looking inward and situating oneself very much and mindfully in the immediate context of being ‘where you are’ and ‘in the world’ to investing that same level of paying attention on purpose to others, what they are doing, and how you and they are inter-related.

Research literature, (predominantly located in sense-making) tends to focus on the concept of ‘heedful inter-relating’ and the necessity of bringing a conscious awareness to intersecting relationships and constructive connections at work and so presents a topic worthy of discussion in considering well-being in the workplace.

Dr Cate Jerram revisits the world of sense-making (from her PhD) to build on the concepts presented last month by Dr Olga Muzychenko, developing our awareness ourselves being 'alive and awake' with mindfulness to heedful inter-relating.

Click here for the November 12th invitation.
Click here to view an introduction to both events on Well-Being at Work.

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