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On Febrauray 4th 2016 the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network together with the Leadership Lab of the University of Adelaide invite you to the first workshop of this year titled: "Insight, Intuition and Advanced Knowledge: Innovation in the Workplace"

New ideas, dreams, ambitions and resolutions come into the minds of many of us as we begin each New Year so this is a great topic to start our discussions for 2016. 
It feels empowering to have insights and be excited about new ideas which can overcome professional challenges.  Professional inspirations and initiatives often come to us at this time because for many the New Year symbolises both new beginnings and opportunity for change. The question is, how can we cultivate this way of thinking at work so it becomes a continual reflective practice? 
In February we’ll contemplate and discuss the what, how and why of inspiration, insight and intuition and how it contributes to advanced knowledge and well-being in the workplace.  We’ll consider how people think about alternatives, what sparks them conceive new ideas and be motivated to share them.

Download this file (Feb 2016 HMN SA Workshop - Innovation in the Workplace.pdf)Feb 2016 HMN SA Workshop - Innovation in the Workplace.pdf[Invitation to Insight, Intuition and Advanced Knowledge: Innovation in the Workplace]52 kB
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