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The Humanistic Management Network lives and works through its local chapters and their members. Our chapters are actively engaged in organizing events, generating scholarly works and interacting with policy makers and management practitioners in service of our mission and vision. In combination we have created and make publicly available a substantial body of knowledge, a multitude of impact-oriented activities and a global network of passionate, purpose driven people.

On the map at the top of this page you can see our different chapter locations and navigate to their pages for further information on their activities and the people who are driving them as well as ways to get in touch and participate. You can also go to the Join Us page to contact your local chapter and find out how you can get involved. 

Introduction to Humanistic Management




30.5%United States United States
10.7%Colombia Colombia
4.8%Germany Germany
4.8%India India
4.1%Mexico Mexico
3.4%United Kingdom United Kingdom
3.4%Switzerland Switzerland
3.4%Brazil Brazil
3.1%Spain Spain
3.1%Australia Australia