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A group of organizations and most importantly, of curios people, decided to look for new ways of organizational arrangement to interact and collectively seek solutions to the challenges of sustainability that we are currently facing within them. It was an invitation to participants to explore together important questions through dialogical methodology of the World Café. It was an experience to live how organizations can invent new organizational cultures that are aligned with the level of human development that we are dreaming—and seeing in some humanisticly managed corporations, and also toencourage new ways of working within more powerful, touching and meaningful organizational scenarios.#despertandoorganizaciones

On September 16th, 2014, a group of Colombian organizations, coaches, and local networks, developed this process. We have a more-than-expected assistance and participation, and at the end people felt empower to challenge the status quo and to dream new ways of structuring processes within companies. The awakening happened and the inspiration grew higher.

We are very pleased to have had this first netoworked activity with the local chapter of SoL-Society of Organizational Learning, Impact HUB Bogotá, La Arenera, Energy Cube, Cauac, EcoAndinos and the local chapter of the Humanistic Management Network. 

Download this file (kinder pataleta 1.jpg)kinder pataleta 1.jpg[Graphic facilitation done by Zulma]245 kB
Download this file (kinder pataleta 2.jpg)kinder pataleta 2.jpg[Graphic facilitation done by Zulma 2]228 kB
Introduction to Humanistic Management




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