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Chapter Lead: Prof (Dr.) Radha R. Sharma

India chapter has been associated with the Humanistic Management Network since its initial stage and has contributed to Humanism in Business book series published by Palgrave Macmillan. However, the launch of the Humanistic Management, India chapter took place during 42nd IFTDO Word Conference in New Delhi (April 2013) with 700 participants from across the globe when an article by HMN core team was published in the conference proceedings and another article on ‘A case of Sustainable Human Development of the Differently Able’ was published in special edition of Indian Journal of Training and Development released during the conference. The conference was inaugurated by the Sri Pranav Mukherjee, the President of India. The India Chapter lead, as National Council Member of ISTD, was a Member of Organizing Committee and Program (Academic) Committee.

The Focus of India Chapter has been to generate awareness, highlight and disseminate HM related issues through publication, teaching, research and advocacy.

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The Chapter lead, Radha Sharma, represented India in Humanistic Management Network, Global Retreat at St. Gallen,Switzerland during July 3-6, 2014 and presented a paper on The Problem of Rape: A Threat to Human Dignity (co-authored with R. Pardasani)

The chapter lead presented a research paper Ex-post Facto Research for Developing a Leadership Model at EURAM at Valencia, Spain during June 4-7, 2014.

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A líder de sucursal, Radha Sharma, representou à Índia no Retiro Mundial da Rede de Gerência Humanista em São Galo, Suíça, do 3 ao 6 de julho de 2014 e apresentou o artigo elaborado em coautoria com R. Pardasani sobre o problema da violação: uma ameaça para a dignidade humana.

A líder de sucursal apresentou um artigo ex post facto de investigação para o desenvolvimento dum modelo de liderança na Revisão de Gerência europeia (EURAM, por suas siglas em inglês) em Valência, Espanha, do 4 ao 7 de junho de 2014.

La líder de sucursal, Radha Sharma, representó a la India en el, Retiro Mundial de la Red de gestión humanista en San Gallen, Suiza; del 3 al 6 de julio de 2014 y presentó el artículo elaborado en coautoría con R. Pardasani sobre el problema de la violación: una amenaza para la dignidad humana.

La líder de sucursal presentó un artículo ex post facto de Investigación para el Desarrollo de un Modelo de Liderazgo en EURAM en Valencia, España, del 4 al 7 de junio de 2014.

Social Entrepreneurship: a case of Sustainable Human Development of the Differently Able,    Indian Journal of Training and Development, 2013, 43, 3. ISSN: 0971-5592 (Radha, R Sharma co-authored with S. Mukherji)

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