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The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network invites you to the March 2015 edition of its series of events co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

The March event is based on the notion that the developed world is experiencing unprecedented levels of social connectivity with inevitable implications for business and society. The nexus between personal experience and business activities has been bridged by communication technologies, creating an often public barometer for human sentiment.

We will welcome Prof Alf Westelius from Linköping University, Sweden on March 2nd to share his unique view of people and organisations. Alf has been involved in Executive Education for more than 30 years, exploring areas such as organisational change, technology integration and social leadership in organisations.

You can find further information on the schedule and registration details in the Invitation attached below.

Download this file (March_E7_HMN_LL_2.pdf)March_E7_HMN_LL_2.pdf[HMN Adelaide March 2015 Workshop on Social Connectivity]302 kB
Download this file (March_Linked-In summary  2015.pdf)March_Linked-In summary 2015.pdf[Summary of the March 2015 Workshop]303 kB
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