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En el marco de la FIL Guadalajara, la Humanistic Management Network con ECOE ediciones estará lanzando el libro 'TENDENCIAS GERENCIALES. Gerencia Humanista Aplicada', en donde aparecen 12 casos exitosos de empresas a nivel global. Esta es la versión en español de nuestro libro "Humanistic Management in Practice" (Palgrave, 2010). 

Este libro es la realización de los sueños de muchas personas, comenzando por los dueños, gerentes o grupos encargados de las empresas que aquí se presentan. Ellos querían— han logrado y están logrando— un mundo mejor. En ese sentido, se sentaron a pensar si era posible montar una empresa que se apartara radicalmente del enfoque tradicional de administración con base en “mandar y controlar”. Así, no solo cambiaron la imagen del “jefe” que solo está para hacer.

Read more: Feria Internacional del Libro, Guadalajara, México.

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Capitalism has long had a bad reputation, and not only in the former communistic countries. The public discourse on continents such as Latin America and Africa has long been very critical of Anglo-Saxon style business. What is novel, however, is that with the new millennium, the discontent with capitalism seems to have become global. Even in Anglo-Saxon cultures, the former bastions of private property, free entrepreneurship and deregulated markets, shareholder capitalism has sparked widespread protests that unite such ideological foes as the tea party or the Occupy Wall Street movements.

Download this file (Transforming Capitalism intro.pdf)Transforming Capitalism intro.pdf[ ]141 kB

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The PRME Regional Chapter DACH organized the 2014 Responsible Management Education Research Conference as a "forum for on-going research on the manifold initiatives undertaken to implement PRME in business teaching for the future we want." At the conference we had the opportunity to host a workshop on executive education.

The Workshop commenced with a round of introductions of the participants as well as the program for the workshop. The program was based on providing a brief introduction to the three stepped approach to Humanistic Management before moving on to exploring the two Executive Education initiatives the Humanistic Management Center is currently engaged in.

For more information on the event please follow this link

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A group of organizations and most importantly, of curios people, decided to look for new ways of organizational arrangement to interact and collectively seek solutions to the challenges of sustainability that we are currently facing within them. It was an invitation to participants to explore together important questions through dialogical methodology of the World Café. It was an experience to live how organizations can invent new organizational cultures that are aligned with the level of human development that we are dreaming—and seeing in some humanisticly managed corporations, and also toencourage new ways of working within more powerful, touching and meaningful organizational scenarios.#despertandoorganizaciones

Download this file (kinder pataleta 1.jpg)kinder pataleta 1.jpg[Graphic facilitation done by Zulma]245 kB
Download this file (kinder pataleta 2.jpg)kinder pataleta 2.jpg[Graphic facilitation done by Zulma 2]228 kB

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