• Humanistic Management in Latin American Conference

    The Colombian Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network was invited to be the keynote speaker in the Latin American Conference of Zoos and Aquariums. As a start, this posed an ethical dilemma regarding the animal treatment. However, after several phone conversations where we acknowledge their hard work to change their practices towards a more dignified ones, Carlos Largacha-Martinez went to give a presentation of how to apply humanistic management in their everyday practices, and how to use our beliefs within their decision making process. Read More
  • The Foundations of Humanistic Management

    This event marked the first Humanistic Management Conference taking place in Brazil. Having collaborated with Kelly Broliani of IPCC who leads the Brazil Interest Group of the Humanistic Management Network for several years already, January 14th 2016 opened a new chapter for the engagement of the Humanistic Management Center in Brazil. Read More
  • Sustainability as Moral Imperative

    The Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik (DNWE - German Business Ethics Network) and Vaude, a leading manufacturer of Mountaineering Equipment, Sporting Goods, Outdoor Clothing and Camping Equipment, hosted this event at the company's headquarters at Lake Constance in Germany. Vaude is a much acclaimed sustainability champion "dedicated to making our world a better place". This event was centered on introducing and discussing the sustainability strategy of Vaude and the values and philosophy that drive it. Senior executives of the company as well as the Managing Director and owner of this family owned business were presenting and discussing with former HP Executive Herbert Reiss and Ernst von Kimakowitz of the Humanistic Management Center. You can view further information on this afternoon at Vaude here   Read More
  • With Values to Value

    At the shores of Lake Constance lies beautifully Lilienberg Unternehmerforum, a conferencing facility most suited for dialogue and reflection. Ethics First, the executive education joint venture between the Global Ethic Institute at the University of Tübingen and he Humanistic Management Center was privileged to have the opportunity to co-host an event at this exclusive location. Read More
  • HMC Supporting IKEA Switzerlands Stakeholder Engagement

    For the second year the Humanistic Management Center received the mandate to support Swedish furniture company IKEA with their stakeholder engagement activities in the Swiss market. The mandate included to support the design and delivery of the 2016 IKEA Switzerland Stakeholder Day on March 18th. The day was split into two parts. The morning was reserved for a workshop with a select group of experts on the topic of Expanding the Life Span of Furniture. In the afternoon, the 2016 IKEA Stakeholder Forum took place in a much bigger group focusing on introducing and discussing some of IKEAs initiatives towards a circular economy as well as the results from the morning workshop. You can view further information and a picture gallery here Read More
  • What Makes Organizations Great

    The website of the University of Turku states that "the executive MBA (eMBA) is a leadership development programme offered by the Turku School of Economics. The eMBA Turku aims at developing visionary leaders with a desire for renewal and the will to deliver real benefits to their organisations." Read More
  • Article in AsianNGO Magazine on Humanistic Management

    Asian NGO is Asia's leading Magazine on Insights and inspiration for Social Innovation. The magazine's 16th Edition is titled The Shifting Sands of Development and is highlighting the opportunities but also the challenges that come with ambitious development goals. The HMC has gladly contributed an article on The Makings of Humanistic Management introducing our three stepped approach to Humanistic Management. In it you can find a brief summary of human dignity, integrative business ethics and stakeholder engagement as foundational pillars for a human centered management paradigm. It is on the basis of this approach that we formulate our advisory offers and, simultaneously, it guides our own work in the Humanistic Management Center You can view download the article and view free subscription options here Read More
  • 2016 Course Conference on Impact Investing

    This half day event marked the closing block of our course on Impact Investing at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The course took place during the spring semester of 2016. The theme of Impact Investing has gained substantial momentum in both, finance and social entrepreneurship communities over recent years. In addition student demand for course offers as well as supervision of theses on Impact Investing has risen steeply. The University of St. Gallen is actively responding to this demand by offering courses on related topics. Read More
  • Japans Third Largest Daily Paper on Humanistic Management

    This interview with Ernst von Kimakowitz was published on June 7th 2016 in Japans third largest daily newspaper, the Seikyo Shimbun with a print run of 5.5 million copies. It is looks at business education at Soka University and the connection to the HMCs works on humanistic management. This interview was conducted by journalist Hideki Hagimoto centered around two main topical areas and exploring their connection. First the impression and views of the interviewee on the teaching and course work at Soka University's business faculty and secondly the HMCs work on Humanistic Management. You can view further Information under this link. Read More
  • Lecture on Key Drivers in Humanistic Management in Tokyo

    Following the invitation of the Dean of the Business Faculty of Soka Univeristy in Tokyo, Japan this lecture by the HMC was focused on key drivers in Humanistic Management with a subsequent Q&A session. The lecture and discussion which took place on the 7th of July 2016 with acclaimed interpreter Rié Kasahara translating the event into Japanese. In the Humanistic Management Center we have developed a set of key drivers that pave the road towards the humanistic management paradigm which we lay out in the Three Stepped Approach to Humanistic Management. These key drivers are purpose and legitimacy, passion and integrity and love. You can view further information as well as a picture gallery under this link.   Read More
  • Course Conference: What Makes Development Good?

    On November 11th 2016 a one day Course Conference took place at Palais des Nations, Headquarter of the United Nations Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland as the closing event of our Master Level Course at the University of St. Gallen titled What Makes Development Good? This course was delivered in two blocks by the HMC at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland for the first time in the Autumn Semester 2016. The first block was focused on the participants presenting real cases of development programs that are representative of different streams in development theory. The second block then took place in Geneva focused on meeting and interacting with development practitioners. Read More
  • Contribution to NGO Asia Magazine: Ethics as a Driver of Business Innovation

    Asian NGO is Asia's leading Magazine on Insights and inspiration for Social Innovation. The magazine's 18th Edition is titled Cities of the Future and is looking at how city life and sustainability can go hand in hand in the age of urbanization. The HMC has contributed an article on Ethics as a Driver of Business Innovation laying out the argument for strong values and a sense of purpose as the foundation for meaningful innovations by businesses. Read More
  • Business Ethics and Responsible Leadership

    This event will be held at Fraport, the Frankfurt Airport operating company and is the kick-off event of the newly formed Business Ethics Division of the German Association for Sustainability and Environmental Management (VNU). The event is focused on the three core offers of our executive training brand Ethics First. The event, titled Business Ethics and Responsible Leadership constitutes the inaugural event of the newly formed Business Ethics Division of the VNU and will be held on the 28th of April 2017 at the Frankfurt Airport headquarters of Fraport, one of the world's leading airport operators. This conference, organized by Klaus Schuler of Tripl3leader , offers the opportunity for an in depth exchange on three main topical areas which also represent the core offering of Ethics First, our Executive Training brand. You can view the program and registration information to this free event here Read More
  • A World Ethos for Global Business?

    The 5th Annual Humanistic Management Conference  A World Ethos for Global Business? Cosmopolitan Responsibilities of Management 05 - 06 October 2017 Weltethos-Institut, University of Tuebingen We have a world economy but no world government; nor can we expect, at least in the foreseeable future, a system of decentralized global governance with sufficient sanctioning powers to enforce legal mandates for business worldwide. For this reason alone, the ethical dimension of business cannot be entrusted solely to the law. Globalized markets would seem to require an underlying ‘ethos’, present to some degree the world over: a common spirit of legitimate, just, and fair business practice substantiated by shared experience. As managers and economic decision-makers, however, are increasingly operating within multi-cultural settings with divergent social customs and conventions, no ‘one size fits all’ approach will do. While on the one hand the growing need for transnational cooperation accentuates the call for a shared ‘world ethos’ for the global business community, on the other hand any proposal in that direction must make room for the need for the diversity and divergence of culture and civilization. At the fifth annual Humanistic Management Conference, to be held at the University of Tuebingen’s Weltethos-Institut, we aim to address this dual need by investigating from various cultural perspectives: 1) how a world ethos for global business  could be variously articulated and promoted (‘theory’); 2)  the extent to which such an ethos is already present in contemporary globalized business (‘practice’); and 3) what civil society around the world can do to support the efforts of  (esp. multinational) corporations in this direction (‚policy’). For more information, please visit: http://www.weltethos-institut.org/research/aktuelles/ Read More
  • Humanistic Management Leadership Recognitions awarded

    Sandra Waddock, Galligan Chair of Strategic Management at Boston College and L. Hunter Lovins, CEO of NaturalCapitalism and Executive Member of the Club of Rome have received the 2015 Recognition for Leadership in Humanistic Management. The award was presented at the 2015 Academy of Management in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Leadership in Humanistic Management Recognition awards preeminent academics, practitioners, and policy makers who contribute to a "life-conducive" economic system in thought and action.  Prior recipients include Henry Mintzberg, Roger Martin, Ed Freeman, Mary Gentile, Anil Gupta as well as organizations such as SEMCO, DM, OECD Better Life, and UN PRME. Read More
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América Latina é hoje uma chocadeira para os modelos de negócio que têm como primeiro objetivo gerar um impacto social e/ou ambiental positivo. Empresas realmente inovadoras e criativas têm surgido na região que atendem a clientes o que proporcionam oportunidades de emprego na base da pirâmide.

Esta conferência de meio dia se realizou na Universidade de São Galo em Suíça, para examinar as tendências atuais, mostrar exemplos e oferecer vastas oportunidades para a interação e o debate sobre como América Latina está fazendo negócios pouco convencionais. A conferência foi organizada em conjunto com o Centro latino-americano-suíço na Universidade de São Galo e foi seguida pelo retiro anual da Rede de Gerência Humanista. O discurso de abertura foi apresentado depois do discurso de boas-vindas pela professora Yvette Sánchez, Diretora do Centro latino-americano-suíço na Universidade de São Galo e Ernst von Kimakowitz do Centro de Gerência Humanístico. A abertura foi seguida por uma sessão de mesa redonda e um caso de laboratório interativo que proporcionou um exemplo real para a geração de empresas de impacto em América Latina. A conferência da tarde concluiu com um segundo discurso seguido por um coquetel.

Para obter mais informação sobre este evento, por favor, siga este link

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The Humanistic Management Network is organizing a retreat for chapter leaders of the Humanistic Management Network in St. Gallen, Switzerland from July 3- July 7, 2014.

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Entre la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, Laurea (Finlandia) y Universidad EAN (Colombia), aun módulo de Virtual Global de Liderazgo Intercultural Global se llevará a cabo. En este módulo usted aprenderá acerca de la diversidad cultural cómo esta afecta la vida laboral de hoy en día en un globalizado mundo de trabajo. Usted va a conocer algunos de los elementos clave de trabajo a nivel internacional e intercultural, tanto en equipos virtuales, como cara a cara. Además, se explorarán los retos de liderazgo intercultural. Aunque esto es parte de una unidad de estudio de ambas universidades, ya que se realizará a través de la pizarra, otros miembros de la Red de Gestión Humanista pueden participar. 

Read more: Desafío global de intercambio cultural

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Am 25.7.2014 wird in Tuebingen ein innovatives Unternehmensforum zum Thema "Mein Unternehmen in Verantwortung: Von CSR bis Social Entrepreneurship" stattfinden. Immer mehr Unternehmen fragen sich, wie sie ihrer gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung nachkommen können – was sie für das eigene Unternehmen bedeutet, welche verschiedenen Formen es gibt, ob und wie sich das auch rechnen kann, und wie sich das eigene Unternehmen damit auch besonders auszeichnen könnte. Das Weltethos-Institut, das Team für Ethik an der Hochschule Reutlingen und Ashoka, die weltweit führende NGO zur Förderung von Social Entrepreneurship, wollen diese Fragen aufklären und mit Ihnen zusammen für Ihr Unternehmen nach Antworten suchen.

Gemeinsam mit hochkarätigen Expertinnen und Experten aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft stellen wir zunächst verschiedene Modelle unternehmerischer Verantwortung von CSR über Social Business bis hin zu Social Entrepreneurship vor. Der anschließend moderierte Erfahrungsaustausch schafft den Raum, in Hinblick auf Ihr eigenes Unternehmen nachzudenken. Um den Austausch zu vertiefen, laden wir Sie bereits am Vorabend der Veranstaltung zu einem Networking Dinner im Restaurant Casino in Tübingen ein. Da die Teilnehmerzahl auf 60 Personen begrenzt ist, bitten wir Sie, sich bis 4. Juli 2014 unter folgendem Link anzumelden: http://de.amiando.com/Unternehmensforum.html. Das Programm finden Sie sowohl auf der Website als auch im Anhang an diese Email. Für Fragen steht Ihnen Frau Katharina Hoegl gerne per Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) zur Verfügung.

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