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Latin America is today an incubator for business models that primarily aim to generate positive social and / or environmental impact. Highly innovative and creative businesses have emerged in the regiorganizational culture.

This half day conference taking place at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland will examine current trends, show examples and provide ample opportunity for interaction and discussion on how Latin America is doing business as unusual. The conference is jointly organized with the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo at the University of St. Gallen and follows the annual retreat of the Humanistic Management Network.

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In April the Adelaide Group kicked off their interest in Humanistic Management with a workshop exploring Organisations as Social Systems. Four guest speakers talked about human-centric management from 1) the relational view of the firm (Dr Lisa Daniel,  2) a view of the institutionalised legacies that challenge organisational innovations (Prof Patrick Dawson), 3) sustainable people management (Dr Sam Wells), and 4) complex social systems (Prof Ockie Bosch).
The general consensus was that a humanistic management perspective reflects a relational perspective of the firm where people and their interactions are the primary concern of organisations and business (human centric, i.e. people based view - PBV). This contrasts to the entrenched resource based view (RBV) of the firm which places firm resources (and the concomitant demands and challenges associated with accessing and managing them) as the primary concern.

For the full summary of the event please open the attachment below.

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What is the intent of the Humanistic Management Center, why is business ethics a strategic success factor and what does that mean for an organization? No less than these three questions have been posed to answer in a 15 minute time slot at this alumni gathering of the most prestigious département des Hautes Études Commerciales of the University of Geneva.

This short talk began with highlighting the mission and vision of the Humanistic Management Center before providing a brief overview of our three-stepped approach to humanistic management and our activities in our three work streams. The second part of the talk was then centered on the relationship between purpose and legitimacy of a business, passion and integrity of its members and empathy as one of the main drivers great organizations constantly strive to cultivate in their organizational culture.

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We are editing a new book on Human Centered Executive Education.

The speed of change in business and other organizations' environment and the urgency to address the challenges we face as a global community accelerate the need to transform the industrial prototype into a human centered paradigm in organizations and societies. In executive education this implies a need for change in both, program content and delivery. We consequently see a pertinent need for answering three main questions with regard to Executive Education programs around the world today.

Read more: Human Centered Executive Education

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