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The website of the University of Turku states that "the executive MBA (eMBA) is a leadership development programme offered by the Turku School of Economics. The eMBA Turku aims at developing visionary leaders with a desire for renewal and the will to deliver real benefits to their organisations."


A two-day Forum focusing on current topics relevant for society, business and leadership is part of the executive MBA curriculum by the Turku School of Economics. Based on the analysis that: "More than ever, the current era is filled with decisions, events and themes, which all require ethical, thorough consideration - on societal, organizational and individual levels", the 2016 forum topic was Ethical Leadership.

Given the strong links between the Finnish and the Swiss Humanistic Management Groups it was a great pleasure for the The Humanistic Management Center to be invited to give a talk on its perspective on ethical leadership and we were glad to do so with a presentation titled: "What Makes Organizations Great?" followed by a Q&A session with the participants.

You can view further information and download the presentation here

You can watch a summary video of the Forum here

Introduction to Humanistic Management




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