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The Humanistic Management Network has been editing a book series on Humanism in Business for about 5 years. We have a total of 11 volumes out now: take a look:


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Save the date: Humanistic Management goes Latin America (Veracruz, Mexico) from March 25-27, 2015. La Gerencia Humanista- la protección de la dignidad humana y la promoción del bien común
With our supporters at EGADE, UCC and USEM (program to follow shortly)

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Capitalism has long had a bad reputation, and not only in the former communistic countries. The public discourse on continents such as Latin America and Africa has long been very critical of Anglo-Saxon style business. What is novel, however, is that with the new millennium, the discontent with capitalism seems to have become global. Even in Anglo-Saxon cultures, the former bastions of private property, free entrepreneurship and deregulated markets, shareholder capitalism has sparked widespread protests that unite such ideological foes as the tea party or the Occupy Wall Street movements.

Download this file (Transforming Capitalism intro.pdf)Transforming Capitalism intro.pdf[ ]141 kB

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The Humanistic Management Network is organizing a retreat for chapter leaders of the Humanistic Management Network in St. Gallen, Switzerland from July 3- July 7, 2014.

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