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As researchers, we work towards a pledge humanistic paradigm for business and economics, trying to identify and facilitate corporate and governmental efforts for the common good.

As a think-tank, we set out to spread intellectual tools for culturally and ecologically sustainable business practices that have the human being as their focal point.

As teachers, we strive to educate, emancipate and enable students to contribute actively to a life-conducive economy in which the human dignity is universally respected.

As practitioners, we act towards the implementation of a humanistic economy on an individual, corporate, and governmental level.

As citizens, we engage our communities in discourse about the benefits of a human-centered economy.



The two main questions that drive our activities are:

- What is the role of business in society and how can humanism help us to better assess this role?

- How can we continue to reap the benefits of free market economies whilst becoming more effective in creating shared benefits and prosperity?

Introduction to Humanistic Management




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