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Chapter name: Humanistic Management Network Finnish Chapter

Contact name: Helena Kemppainen, Ulla Heinonen

The Finnish Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network works on the basis that a fundamental paradigm shift is needed in the way we define the purpose of business and its role in society. To this end the Finnish Chapter promotes the approach to humanistic management that is based on the three pillars of 1) Respect for human dignity 2) Integration of ethical considerations in management decisions and 3) Engagement with stakeholders

Chapter activities: The Finnish Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network is undertaking four types of activities.

1.      Supporting the humanistic management movement globally by empowering and facilitating chapter activities worldwide

2.      Organizing and participating in events that aim to promote the ideas of humanistic management

3.      Providing input on further developing the foundations of humanistic management

4.      Developing tools and methods of humanistic management for individuals, groups, organizations and society.

We introduce and work together with scholars between humanistic management chapters to promote intercultural humanistic management programs and courses online.

We also develop and consult different organizations for example: Humanistic Management in Sales and leadership trainings.

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