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For the second time after 2010 the Humanistic Management Center conducted a workshop with a delegation from Soka University from Tokyo, Japan. Over the course of two days were able to see a series of student presentations as well as present recent developments in the Humanistic Management Center and give two lectures on the three stepped approach to humanistic management and stakeholder dialogue in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information and a picture gallery of this event please follow this link

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In April 2014, Daniel Pérez, CEO and Felipe Acosta CFO, of ViewsCorp will be visiting Universidad EAN to present their entrepreneurial case of how they started their company ViewsCorp. ViewsCorp is a young marketing research multilatin company that has been steadely growing and becoming part of the Top-10 Marketing companies in Colombia. However, their strenght lies in two things: their strategic vision is founded since 7 years ago in 'being happy'. They want to help create a joyfull compnay and that their employees are flourishing every day.

Continuar... ViewsCorp, a great humanistic business case based on values

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The Center for Humanistic Management was established to do research, provide teaching and inform practice and policy along the precepts of humanistic management.

Humanistic management respects and protects human dignity and promotes sustainable human well-being in line with the carrying capacity of the planet.

Continuar... The 'Center for Humanistic Management' was launched

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Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that the ITC (International Theme Committee) division will be sponsoring your PDW (Professional Development Workshop) proposal, submission #10624 titled "Developing an alternative Paradigm: Global Perspectives on Humanistic Management.", for the 2014 Academy of Management Meeting taking place August 1-5 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The schedule of sessions is still being finalized.

Continuar... The 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - August 1-5, 2014 - Philadelphia, PA

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