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Chapter name: Humanistic Management Network Australia and New Zealand Chapter

Contact name: Lisa Daniel

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Background information:

The Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Chapter was formed in early 2014 and is fast gaining momentum. Currently there are around 125 email subscribers located across 4 Australian States and New Zealand. We are in the process of gaining a better idea of possible directions for the chapter before looking into opportunities to grow the chapter and enhance its activities. The ANZ Chapter is consequently still somewhat nebulous as individuals and groups discuss and share ideas on what humanistic management can contribute to bring about constructive and substantive change to management practice in the Australian and New Zealand contexts.

Chapter activities: 

The ANZ Chapter is engaged in a series of activities and initiatives.

- The 'Melbourne Mob' meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 4pm at Moat Cafe, under the State Library in Melbourne - all are welcome to drop in and discuss issues surrounding the tenets of a humanistic management paradigm as well as plan opportunities to collaborate on research activities or organize or participating in events.

- A group from 4 Australian universities plus one from New Zealand have undertaken a Workshop at the 2014 ANZAM Conference held at UTS, Sydney in December.  The workshop introduced the humanistic management concept to ANZAM and discussed the way forward for management and leadership awareness in Australia.

- Regular monthly meetings are being held in Adelaide with guest speakers discussing a variety of topics with humanistic implications to a diverse and engaged audience. 

Contact US

Humanising the Workplace is part of the Leadership Lab event series co-hosted by the Australia & New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network at the University of Adelaide.

In February Mark LeBusque, will lead us in an interactive conversation on Humanising the Workplace.  Mark will talk about understanding the impacts of human instincts on change management, order leadership, engagement, communication and team effectiveness, with a focus on the question - what is it to be human?

You can find further information in the Invitation attached below.

Download this file (February-2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf)February-2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf[ ]216 kB
Download this file (Feb_Linked-In summary  2015.pdf)Feb_Linked-In summary 2015.pdf[Summary of the February 2015 Workshop]302 kB

In April the Adelaide Group kicked off their interest in Humanistic Management with a workshop exploring Organisations as Social Systems. Four guest speakers talked about human-centric management from 1) the relational view of the firm (Dr Lisa Daniel,  2) a view of the institutionalised legacies that challenge organisational innovations (Prof Patrick Dawson), 3) sustainable people management (Dr Sam Wells), and 4) complex social systems (Prof Ockie Bosch).
The general consensus was that a humanistic management perspective reflects a relational perspective of the firm where people and their interactions are the primary concern of organisations and business (human centric, i.e. people based view - PBV). This contrasts to the entrenched resource based view (RBV) of the firm which places firm resources (and the concomitant demands and challenges associated with accessing and managing them) as the primary concern.

For the full summary of the event please open the attachment below.

Download this file (HMN April Adelaide wkshp summary.pdf)HMN April Adelaide wkshp summary.pdf[ ]314 kB

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