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Chapter name: Humanistic Management Network Australia and New Zealand Chapter

Contact name: Lisa Daniel

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Background information:

The Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Chapter was formed in early 2014 and is fast gaining momentum. Currently there are around 125 email subscribers located across 4 Australian States and New Zealand. We are in the process of gaining a better idea of possible directions for the chapter before looking into opportunities to grow the chapter and enhance its activities. The ANZ Chapter is consequently still somewhat nebulous as individuals and groups discuss and share ideas on what humanistic management can contribute to bring about constructive and substantive change to management practice in the Australian and New Zealand contexts.

Chapter activities: 

The ANZ Chapter is engaged in a series of activities and initiatives.

- The 'Melbourne Mob' meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 4pm at Moat Cafe, under the State Library in Melbourne - all are welcome to drop in and discuss issues surrounding the tenets of a humanistic management paradigm as well as plan opportunities to collaborate on research activities or organize or participating in events.

- A group from 4 Australian universities plus one from New Zealand have undertaken a Workshop at the 2014 ANZAM Conference held at UTS, Sydney in December.  The workshop introduced the humanistic management concept to ANZAM and discussed the way forward for management and leadership awareness in Australia.

- Regular monthly meetings are being held in Adelaide with guest speakers discussing a variety of topics with humanistic implications to a diverse and engaged audience. 

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The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network held our July 2015 workshop co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia on the 1st of July 2015.

How can we improve our working lives by enhancing our social spaces?  The idea of the 'third place' has caught the imagination of numerous commentators, researchers and managers over the last few decades.  The concept emerged in 1982 when the importance of stress free spaces was realised as providing a valuable place for relief from the pressures of work and home (the two other places).  Social spaces, away from the dominant life paradigms (work and home), can provide a convivial environment which can enhance social relations, create a supportive community and help build personal resilience as tensions at work and home wax and wane.

We welcomed our guest for July, Dr Peter Sandiford from the University of Adelaide Business School who will shared his research, perspectives and musings about the Third Space and its potential contribution to enriching organisational well-being.  Peter has extensively researched the use and value of social space in community and society from a number of perspectives and you can download the workshop summary below.

Download this file (July_2015_Workshop_Adelaide_The_Third_Place.pdf)July_2015_Workshop_Adelaide_The_Third_Place.pdf[Summary of the July 2015 Workshop titled: The Third Place]307 kB

The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network held our May 2015 workshop co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia on the 7th of May 2015.

If you see a committee forming do you back away quietly or rush to the fore to be counted in for a say? We have committees for just about everything, most designed to bring in diverse opinions and generate informed discussion to matters that have collective impact. Why then are committees so often dysfunctional, or impotent or at worse acrimonious?

At the next HMN-LL event we explore committees and ask if playing hard and playing fair are mutually exclusive or if it is personal politics and hidden agendas that control who wins? We look at this issue through the lens of sports associations and ask why is it that often committees with recreational agendas have deep political problems and poor collective engagement. From our discussions and experiences with these groups we ask, what can we learn from this which can help our committees in business and community organisations?

In May we have the pleasure of welcoming the insights from the wonderful Dr Meera Verma, who has battled diverse committees, boards and executive panels for many years. An astute business woman, Meera was the winner of Zaffyre International Private & Corporate Sector Award in the 2006 Telstra Business Womens' Awards. In 2007 she won the Bioinnovation SA leadership award.

You can find the full invitation here.

Download this file (May_event summary_ 2015.pdf)May_event summary_ 2015.pdf[Summary of the May 2015 Workshop titled: Committees that play hard]307 kB

The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network invites you to our April 2015 workshop co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

The topic on April 1st 2015 is: "Community at Work: Come into my Life"

What does it mean to live fully?  Instead of have different parts of our lives quarantined as discreet domains, could we view our lives as a complex extended community?  Is it possible to achieve a level of social cohesion in organisations where organisational members are seen as full and legitimate participants in a social community growing from the business? 
In April we suggest you don’t have to leave your community at the door when you come to the office.  A community spirit built on equity and respect can transform interpersonal relationships and workplace experiences to be a source of strength and resilience for a fuller life journey.

You can find a summary of the event as well as the invitation to the event attached below.

Download this file (April_2015_Workshop_Adelaide.pdf)April_2015_Workshop_Adelaide[Summary of the April 2015 Workshop titled: Community at Work]304 kB
Download this file (HMN SA April 2015 Event.pdf)HMN SA April 2015 Event[Invitation: Community at Work: Come into my Life]300 kB

The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network invites you to the March 2015 edition of its series of events co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

The March event is based on the notion that the developed world is experiencing unprecedented levels of social connectivity with inevitable implications for business and society. The nexus between personal experience and business activities has been bridged by communication technologies, creating an often public barometer for human sentiment.

We will welcome Prof Alf Westelius from Linköping University, Sweden on March 2nd to share his unique view of people and organisations. Alf has been involved in Executive Education for more than 30 years, exploring areas such as organisational change, technology integration and social leadership in organisations.

You can find further information on the schedule and registration details in the Invitation attached below.

Download this file (March_E7_HMN_LL_2.pdf)March_E7_HMN_LL_2.pdf[HMN Adelaide March 2015 Workshop on Social Connectivity]302 kB
Download this file (March_Linked-In summary  2015.pdf)March_Linked-In summary 2015.pdf[Summary of the March 2015 Workshop]303 kB
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