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Contact name: Wolfgang Amann
Background information:
The German chapter focuses on initiatives of knowledge creation and dissemination related to humanistic management from an education perspective at this point in time.

Chapter activities: Experts and members have previously published a variety of resources on how to improve educational activities for a more humanistic management. One of the books focused on “Business Schools Under Fire” and outlined answers for deans, program directors and professors on how to ensure more humanistic elements in management education. Members have also been contributing to research and publishing projects on “Integrity in Business” and “Innovations in Executive Education” in general. Members have also been working with the UN PRME workgroups on anti-corruption, publishing a global and free toolkit with readings and cases available at http://actoolkit.unprme.org/

Goetz Werner is the founder, long-term leader, and now advisory board member of DM, number one in its retail industry segment. He has been selected as a truly international role model when it comes to building a humanistic organization. Wellbeing of the employees for him is more important than the company's return, although this two aspects to not have to be all that contradictory. A case on DM has previously been published in our book on "Humanism in Practice" in our book series with Palgrave. The award ceremony, open to the public and taking place in German, will be held on July 18, 2014, from 6pm onwards at the World Ethos Institue at Tuebingen University. The laudatio will be given by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Amann, head of the German chapter of the Humanistic Management Network. The evening continues with a presentation of Goetz Werner's business ethics thoughts followed by a podium discussion.

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