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Chapter name: Humanistic Management Network Swiss Chapter

Contact name: Ernst von Kimakowitz

Background information: In 2007 the humanistic management movement was institutionalized by founding a charitable Swiss association in the Canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, beautifully nestled between lake Constance and the Alps.

The Swiss Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network works on the basis that a fundamental paradigm shift is needed in the way we define the purpose of business and its role in society. To this end the Swiss Chapter promotes the approach to humanistic management developed by the Humanistic Management Center that is based on the three pillars of 1) Respect for human dignity 2) Integration of ethical considerations in management decisions and 3) Engagement with stakeholders

More on this approach can be found under http://www.humanisticmanagement.org.

Chapter activities: The Swiss Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network is undertaking three types of activities.

· Supporting the humanistic management movement globally by empowering and facilitating chapter activities worldwide

· Organizing and participating in events that aim to promote the ideas of humanistic management

· Providing input on further developing the foundations of humanistic management

The Swiss Chapter runs and channels its own activities mainly through the Humanistic Management Center (www.humanisticmanagement.org), an independent think–tank, learning institution and advisory firm in the corporate responsibility and business ethics arena. 

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The PRME Regional Chapter DACH organized the 2014 Responsible Management Education Research Conference as a "forum for on-going research on the manifold initiatives undertaken to implement PRME in business teaching for the future we want." At the conference we had the opportunity to host a workshop on executive education.

The Workshop commenced with a round of introductions of the participants as well as the program for the workshop. The program was based on providing a brief introduction to the three stepped approach to Humanistic Management before moving on to exploring the two Executive Education initiatives the Humanistic Management Center is currently engaged in.

For more information on the event please follow this link

Practical Wisdom in Management, Business Across Spiritual Traditions, by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is the first ever case collectionon on the impact of spiritual and religious traditions on management.

This book is an exploration of how practical wisdom from spiritual traditions inspires corporate leadership and permeates many corporate cultures. Covering 10 major religions, this book includes in-depth case studies of 26 multinational corporations, analysed with an emphasis on their values and spiritual inspiration, alongside business and strategic issues.





Download this file (Practical_Wisdom_in_Management.pdf)Practical_Wisdom_in_Management.pdf[Practical Wisdom in Management]1413 kB

The International Program of the Executive MBA at the University of St.Gallen invited the Humanistic Management Center to join a panel discussion as well as a jury evaluating the presentations of a student assignment.

The International Executive MBA at the University of St. Gallen includes a sustainability module as part of the core curriculum. During the closing day of this four day module, taught by Robert Ruttmann from Bank Julius Baer, a panel discussion with invited guests as well as student presentations take center stage. On this year's panel were senior executives of Novo Nordisk, Nestlé, British American Tobacco, as well as the Humanistic Management Center. Given the diverse approaches to sustainability among the panelists and the active participation of the floor, the discussion was very lively and insightful.

For more information on the event please follow this link

We are glad to announce that Palgrave are offering a 30% discount on all orders of books from the Humanism in Business Series coming from within our network.

Edited by the Humanistic Management Network the books in the Humanism in Business Series provide inspiration and solid advice on how to align business success with societal aims.

The series was launched in 2011 with Humanistic Management in Practice and since then eight further books have been published in it covering a range of topics related to humanistic management. What unites all books in the series is that they support the paradigm shift towards a human centered economic model.

You can find the pormotion code and order discounted books under the following link:


Introduction to Humanistic Management




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