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On Febrauray 4th 2016 the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network together with the Leadership Lab of the University of Adelaide invite you to the first workshop of this year titled: "Insight, Intuition and Advanced Knowledge: Innovation in the Workplace"

New ideas, dreams, ambitions and resolutions come into the minds of many of us as we begin each New Year so this is a great topic to start our discussions for 2016. 
It feels empowering to have insights and be excited about new ideas which can overcome professional challenges.  Professional inspirations and initiatives often come to us at this time because for many the New Year symbolises both new beginnings and opportunity for change. The question is, how can we cultivate this way of thinking at work so it becomes a continual reflective practice? 
In February we’ll contemplate and discuss the what, how and why of inspiration, insight and intuition and how it contributes to advanced knowledge and well-being in the workplace.  We’ll consider how people think about alternatives, what sparks them conceive new ideas and be motivated to share them.

Download this file (Feb 2016 HMN SA Workshop - Innovation in the Workplace.pdf)Feb 2016 HMN SA Workshop - Innovation in the Workplace.pdf[Invitation to Insight, Intuition and Advanced Knowledge: Innovation in the Workplace]52 kB
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This event marked the first Humanistic Management Conference taking place in Brazil. Having collaborated with Kelly Broliani of IPCC who leads the Brazil Interest Group of the Humanistic Management Network for several years already, January 14th 2016 opened a new chapter for the engagement of the Humanistic Management Center in Brazil.

Read more: The Foundations of Humanistic Management

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The 15th Edition of Asian NGO titled "The Era of Social Convergence" deals with various aspects of how civil society, the private sector and the public sector increasingly come together to collaborate and co-create solutions to the challenges we face globally. The HMC has contributed an article outlining some of the fundamental tenets of Impact Investing.

The Why, How and What in Impact Investing aims to provide an initial overview of what is behind this buzzword that has been making making waves in both, the social entrepreneurship as well as the finance community. Asian NGO is a leading Magazine based in Hong Kong providing insights and inspiration on social innovation in Asia.

You can view further information and download the article here

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On October the 31st 2015 we had a meeting with the Dutch chapter of the Humanistic Management Network. The purpose of the meeting was first to meet with people who are interested in Humanistic Management and get acquainted with each other.  We very much enjoyed the meeting with kindred and energizing spirits seeking to take practical next steps to a more humanistic working environment.

The next meeting will be held on the 3rd of February 2016, from 17.00 till 19.00 hrs at Breukelen. We invite you to join dinner with at the participant (optional) afterwards.

The Netherlands as a long tradition with Humanism which started with Erasmus in the 15th century.  In the 17th century  Spinoza had a great impact on the democracy that is lasting till today. The Dutch chapter is forming a humanistic response to the challenges of current business life.  Anyone who has a passion for aligning people, planet and profit and want to promote human respect and dignity in professional life, is more than welcome to join us. 

You can also send us your email so we can inform you about our activities. You can send this email to: Bertine van Hoof, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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